LOUXETS™ was founded in 2018 by 2 jewelers, Robert and Tatiana. Currently, 8 associates work 24 hours a day to provide you with all the technical support you need. We started as a small company in  in england, london , and since then we have been providing our customers with products that make them happy, at prices that make them even happier.


LOUXETS™, our mission is to provide you with protective products that show we care. Our products are not only fashionable, they are of the highest quality. All our products are tested and approved by experts to ensure a unique experience.

Our customers remain our top priority and we strive to develop a long-term relationship with them, based on trust and authenticity.

We envision an ideal world where children use a healthy dose of technology but spend most of their playtime and learning in the real world.

Thank you for being part of this dream of changing the world by improving the way we educate what we love the most, our children.